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mr_burnsLuxury is such a weird thing. We’re meant to aspire to it and, in doing so, peddle hard on the consumer hamster wheel.

And it is lovely. I’m not going to lie. I have eaten in some pretty fancy restaurants, stayed in five star resorts and been flown places in business class.

But too much luxury can make you feel revolting. Overdoing it with drinking, eating complicated food and being overly slothful is actually pretty boring and unhealthy, no matter how much money you’re shelling out.

The whole point of luxury, as I understand it, is about creating a feeling. It’s about being treated as though you are special, enjoying good quality things and being surrounded by beauty. It’s also – ideally – about being well; hence all the day spas, focus on sleeping and eating local, seasonal produce.

Some things you can only do in a particular location in the hands of experts – African safaris, for example – but there’s plenty you can do to make your everyday life feel special.

Use the crystal glasses, buy high thread count sheets (hint: most top linen brands have a clearance store somewhere) and burn an aromatherapy candle at home. Buy some fresh flowers – even if they’re the $5 ones – or pinch a leaf or two from the garden.

Use lots of fresh produce and look up interesting recipes. Cook exotic dishes like a Sri Lankan coconut fish curry or a Moroccan tagine at home.

Have a glass of wine at lunchtime, spend an hour reading a book instead of watching television or go get a massage if your muscles are aching.

Focus on creating a clean, calm environment at home. Get rid of clutter. Maybe choose a theme and design your rooms around that. You don’t have to spend much to turn your lounge room into a tropical oasis or Bedouin tent. It’s about being creative, using colour and stealing ideas from Pinterest.

You can even luxe up your wardrobe with a bit of thought. Wear the crazy kaftan, walk around the house in swimmers and a sarong, have a black tie dinner with your partner at home. If you have some fun jewels, pop them on.

Every luxury experience I have ever had (or had marketed to me) is about exclusivity, taking the time to enjoy life, and immersing yourself in beauty.

With a bit of imagination and attention, you can live like this all the time.

How do you luxe up your life? Do you have any tips for adding more sparkle to your day?


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