Blessed be the creators

I love artists.

Kelp Magic by Kozyndan
Kelp Magic by Kozyndan

I love how they share their perspective through their chosen craft.

Art is the icing on the cake. The added spice. The splash of colour.

How many days have been improved by the right song, a resonant combination of words, or an image that makes the impossible real?

I love art’s deep impertinence for rules. I exalt the anarchy and courage of its creators.

Every artist is revealing themselves. Exposing pockets of weakness and burning themselves on the pyre of expression; a pyre that burns bright with failure and criticism.

I once heard someone say that we are born with jewels in us and it is our mission to mine those gems. Dig them out, polish them up, and share their beauty with the world.

It’s not vanity to wear those jewels with pride. The more beauty and imagination that are brought to light, the more magic there is in the world.

Tell your story any way you know how. Don’t be shy.

Have you been creating lately? How does it make you feel?



1 comment on “Blessed be the creators

  1. I love this. Head of nail hit! I love artists too. And I’ve noticed that so many are becoming braver and more open to share their processes and discoveries, combatting fear of completion just to share. And I have noticed that by sharing we experience this amazing rapid growth that I don’t think can come any other way. So, any artists reading this, BE ENCOURAGED TO SHARE! No one has your hands and eyes, your rich aesthetic history and experience. And if somebody does “steal” something and run with it, know they can’t keep that up for long, because they aren’t you! But usually, I just hope they find the truth in the process of copying me…. And arrive at their own path where they don’t have to be afraid that what they have authentically isn’t enough. It’s always enough! We just need a rich search through paying attention and practise. Ridiculous amounts of brave practise. Didn’t mean to write a sermonette! I love artists too. That’s all I meant to say!!!

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