Around the world in 80 drinks: Paloma

drinks-palomaThe Paloma from Mexico

By Dan Kaufman

When it comes to Mexican cocktails most people think of margaritas – yet according to Christophe Lehouz, the owner of Pocket Bar, in Mexico it’s the Paloma cocktail that’s arguably more popular.

It could be because the teaming of grapefruit soda with tequila makes this much easier to drink than the average margarita or simply because grapefruit drinks are so popular south of the border. Either way, if you love tequila then you should give this drink a shot.

There are several different recipes for the Paloma (which is Spanish for ‘dove’) – some use fresh grapefruit juice instead of soda while others salt the rim before serving. Most people use silver or blanco (rather than coloured) tequila.

Here’s the recipe that Pocket Bar gave us:

  • 50ml tequila
  • 25ml lime juice
  • 20ml gomme syrup (which is basically sugar syrup with gum arabic added to prevent the sugar from crystallizing)
  • 50ml pink grapefruit soda
  • Top up with soda water

Method: Build in a tall glass filled with ice.
Garnish: Grapefruit wedge


This recipe has been published courtesy of Australia’s best bar blog – www.barzine.com.au

What is your favourite Mexican drink?

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