Life and stuff: Overcommitted and overwhelmed

overcommitted-and-overwhelmedI have always had a problem with the word yes.

‘Would you like to work on this new project?’


‘Wanna catch up for a drink?’


‘Can you help me out on this job?’

Sure can.

No is not a word I use very often. The problem is that I have said yes to so many things that I am completely overcommitted. I have something on nearly every day and night of the week. I am not getting enough sleep, I have a sore throat and I feel lousy most of the time.

I spent all weekend struggling to catch up; cooking, cleaning, washing and organising. Come Sunday night, I sat on the couch with The First Husband and watched a DVD and it was bliss. Sitting down for a couple of hours, as opposed to buzzing around doing things, was just so restful.

I know I need to slow down. My body is telling me (and it’s starting to speak louder – upset stomach, headaches and sore neck and shoulders). I need to make time for my own wellbeing but I don’t even know where to start.

Does anyone have any tips for coping with overwhelm? Care to share?

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  1. Em, I hear you, I am completely overcommitted at the moment with work, freelance writing, university, tennis comp, overdue tax return and an upcoming rental inspection, as well as family, friends, boyfriend and two needy pets.

    My only solution is to take a day off work tomorrow to try and catch up (and stall that nervous breakdown). Oh, and ask for help!!

  2. Learn to not feel guilty about saying no. The world will not stop. Your friends will still talk to you. And ultimately you do realise that it ok for things to happen without you. As much as we all want to be included in everything, and keeping busy has its benefits, sometimes a little white lie saying no sorry I can’t do that and then actually spending the time on the couch can be the most glorious thing.
    Overcommitting yourself, getting exhausted and having a nervous breakdown will not help you get things done in the long run.

  3. Aww babe! I feel so responsible for you being exhausted this weekend! You did such an amazing job on my birthday party I can’t thank you enough! I hope the sleep fairies were kind xxx

    P.S. re. tips say no to most things. I work a lot on the weekend so I plan nothing on a Monday and that’s my time off 🙂

  4. It’s such a common malady of our times, yes-ism. I suffer from it on a regular basis too. Remedies? Nature works for me; just this morning in fact (after a weekend away!) I sat outside and just looked at the trees around our back patio. It calmed me down amazingly well. Oh, and getting some exercise – gotta be careful that doesn’t become another to-do, but having a swim seems to reoxygenate my brain or something so that I just feel better and, ipso, less overwhelmed. Take care of you, lovely.

  5. This beautiful lady once shared some tricks regarding a hot plate theory…

    Sounds like you’re running out of gas babe. Either pump it up on one hot plate, or turn the gas down low on all 🙂


  6. Agree with Aims – take a day off work! Might seem counter-intuitive but it will stave off bigger problems. And what you can’t say no to – put off! Eg, “I’d love to catch up with you but the next few weeks are flat out – let’s chat in three weeks’ time…” Works a treat, and has the added bonus of rolling things over into the next pay period… Xx

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