Oh feminism

You confuse me. I am currently reading ‘Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr Good Enough’ (Lori Gottlieb) because I love this kind of stuff. Same goes with ‘How to be a woman’ (Caitlin Moran) and ‘The Happiness Project’ (Gretchen Rubin) and basically anything that provides advice on how to live a good life. By […]

What love is

What love is: Love is choosing to forgive, even though you’re angry or disappointed. Love is talking about things in an honest, uncomfortable way. Love is admitting your imperfections and accepting your partner’s. Love is focusing on the positives. Love is laughing at yourself and lightening the mood when it’s all too easy to be serious. Love is […]

Pick your own in Bilpin NSW

There is nothing quite like flouncing around in an orchard, picking your own apples, pears and plums. My friend Holly’s family owns Pine Crest Orchard in Bilpin NSW and I had one of the funnest days ever running amok, picking their horticultural goodies and clambering down to their secret waterfall. Less fun was the large, […]

Lovebirds in South East Queensland: Things to do

Hey you fellow loved up cutie pies! With Valentine’s Day upon us we’re being bombarded with  ‘‘his’ and ‘her’ gift guides everywhere we go. How many of those gifts that you got from your exes ended up for re-sale on site like Gumtree (shh … I promise I won’t tell)? I always believe that going […]


Yes! Half the population gets them, is going to get them or had them. Why doesn’t anyone talk about it?! People will tell you about their FitBits, CrossFit classes and Fitness First memberships and yet here’s this huge health thing that affects all women on a regular basis and … nothing. And yet when you do bring […]

Dear Aunty Em

‘I was treated to my first ever gin and tonic(s) last weekend. This morning I wanted one for breakfast. Is that normal?’  – Thirsty Dave  Dear Thirsty Dave, My first question is what kind of day are you having? Did you just find out that you got your 20 year old intern pregnant? Is she […]