Living with disapproval

I recently experienced a big dose of disapproval, and wow, it hurt. It came from the place where I would most expect it: my family. I recently got engaged in a fairly fuss-free way. No ring. No proposal. A simple agreement between adults to marry. In keeping with the theme of simplicity, and in light […]

Need to know: Saving apps

I am as good at saving money as Kim Kardashian is at keeping a low profile. I suck at it. The good news is that there are some new apps that help fiscal degenerates like me to budget, save and invest. The top apps are able to consolidate all of your finances and present them in […]

Why people care more about Paris

It’s simple. A lot of people have been there, know someone who has, or have French friends. I completely understand why everyone is all WTF about the lack of press coverage and outrage over the attacks in Nigeria, Beirut and Syria but the fact is that most westerners relate more to France than they do […]

Jerk life

I have been a total jerk more times than I can recall but here’s the thing; I didn’t know I was being a jerk at the time. My jerk-ish behaviour is usually fuelled by one of two things – emotion or alcohol. Worst case scenario: both. I have been a monumental jerk to every member […]

To kid, or not to kid

That is the question. I went to a work function on Friday night and a tipsy mother of two implored me to have a child. Even as her husband was dragging her out the door, she made a break back towards me to reinforce her impassioned plea. This is not an isolated incident. People with […]

Personal power

Earlier this week, I read the heartbreaking account of Muhammed, a Syrian refugee who fled to Austria. The one thing – beyond the horrors of what happened to him and his family (and I do not say horrors lightly – this is akin to what happened to the Jews and the Tutsis) – is the way […]

Grow where you want

Adults are crazy. We, adult humans, spend the first 25 – 35 years of our lives getting an education, building a career and racking up credit card debt only to find ourselves in a place we don’t want to be. Guess what? YOU CAN MOVE. You can change jobs, you can move house, you can change […]

5 reasons sharing rules

Shared houses are generally much cheaper than renting your own place. Here are some reasons why shared living is perfect for students. 1. All-inclusive If you have been lucky enough to secure a spot on campus or in dedicated student accommodation, all-inclusive living makes it easy to stay on top of your budget. Many places offer […]

SheGoes is turning 6

If SheGoes was a child, she would be going on a sugar-fuelled rampage in an Elsa costume right now. God help us all. I started this blog because I wanted to have a voice. Not a client voice. Not a news voice. A ‘me’ voice. A place where I could talk about whatever I want. […]

Today is important

September 10 is Suicide Prevention Day. Did you know that suicide is the number one killer of people under 44 in Australia? For all the Movembers and pink ribbons and road safety awareness campaigns, the thing you should fear the most? Yourself. A woman jogged past me in the park the other day and I heard a […]