Dear Aunty Em: Cancellations

“What happens when seven people say they are going to come to a function, with a bill that has to be paid beforehand, and then they don’t turn up. I paid for this out of my pocket. What should I do?” Annoyed ATM Dear Annoyed ATM, Before I lambast your friends for their rudeness, I have a couple […]

The cooling down period

I feel like I’ve been set adrift. I used to have intense friendships where we would hang out all the time and have intimate knowledge of each other’s lives. But these days? I’m lucky to see my friends once a month. I don’t feel bad about this, per se, because it’s allowed me the time […]

Does Sydney nightlife suck?

I wouldn’t have a clue because I don’t go out anymore. The argument about the damage that lock out laws and casino development is causing rages on but I feel unqualified to comment on the impact because I am shouting from the sidelines. One interesting point to note is that people have been saying Sydney nightlife will die for […]

Food fancification 101

Instagram makes me laugh. All those top down shots of perfectly swirled crema on coffees, rainbow graded jars of salad and un-smooshed smoothies. Then there’s the high-end restaurants that make every plate look like a work of art. They also make me laugh because they charge $20 for what is essentially $2 worth of nicely arranged ingredients. […]

Go hard

People are all about balance these days; work/life balance, balanced diets, balanced schedules. But what about the bingers? The people who immerse themselves so completely in a subject that it’s all they think about? Who spend every last cent on the thing they love? Who forget to eat (or eat too much) because they’re so caught up […]

How to bid online

Wow, I have bought some crazy shit online over the years. There was the kaftan phase, the 1960s Murano art glass era and my current obsession, the wedding spree. So how do you avoid getting caught out with some of the common traps of online shopping? Read on for some tips. 1. Read the fine print […]

Nigella Lawson: A review

I saw Nigella Lawson in conversation with Annabel Crabb last night and HOLY FAN GIRL, it was amazing. The tittering, besotted energy in the room was as tangible as clotted cream on a scone. She is everything she purports to be and more. It was such a thrill to hear the mellifluous voice of one of my feminist […]

Getting old

It’s sneaking up on me. A few grey hairs have become hundreds. A few kilos have become fifteen. My knee hurts and old injuries ache. And yet … I am no longer freaked out about my appearance. I don’t wear make up everyday and I don’t care what I look like in exercise gear. I laugh about […]

The thing about resolutions

You won’t act on them until you’re ready. No arbitrary date will make you lose weight, no fireworks display will help you quit smoking, and you won’t get out of debt simply because you decided that this is the year. Change can be glacially slow or hummingbird rapid. Why? Because something needs to change in your chemistry, […]

Before we forget Christmas

I went to the shops on January 1 and there were Easter buns on the shelves. EASTER BUNS. But before we digress into chocolate ovum and spicy bakery treats, let’s first debrief on the Christmas that was. Mine was semi-traumatic. How was yours? I have spent a great deal of time pondering why I found the failure of my Christmas […]