Annandale: a new love

It’s early days but I can honestly say that Annandale and I are getting along famously.

I'm not in Marrickville any more

The streets are lined with graceful old beauties, blooming gardens and prestige family cars. Neighbours walk pedigree dogs, push Bugaboos and carry trays of skim lattes.

The weird thing is that I don’t hate it.

I normally sneer at the beige -loving masses. I am wary of too much comfort because it breeds complacency and complacency breeds … contentment?

Is that what I am falling into? A sense of quiet peace and letting go?

All I know is that I am utterly charmed.

What do you love about your suburb, home town or neighbourhood?

3 comments on “Annandale: a new love

  1. Beautiful pic 🙂

    I love my neighbourhood, is close to the beach, great cafes and shopping. As well as good schools for when my little monkey grows up 🙂

  2. I love the roses in Brunswick, the Spanish guitar-playing neighbour, the cats who guard almost every doorstep, the free bicycles left out with cute handwritten signs almost every second day, bumping into my sister, cousins, brother, friends at the local supermarket which makes me forgive the fact that it has a strange selection of silly food in its fridges…it may not have the glamour and sheen of the south side of the river, but in Brunswick, your music, writing, or other art is as important as your spray tan is are in Brighton. We all have our priorities…

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