Australian freelancers

Australian freelance writers

Australian freelancers

Freelancing is a tough gig but it’s one worth pursuing if you want (or need) to manage your time in a way that sits outside the 9 to 5 norm.

On the upside, you are free to follow your interests, have full control – and responsibility for – your schedule and business administration, and you can work from home.

It takes dedication, tenacity and a hefty dose of creative entrepreneurialism to make it work, something that I am fast learning on my own journey.

I know some exceptional people who have forged successful careers in this realm, often on the side of a full-time gig, blogging, writing books and looking after children.

I have put together a list of some of Australia’s best and hardest working freelancers to help PRs and potential clients find them more easily.

I have also shamelessly included my own venture, Readable, because I have learnt that there is no point being shy if you want to get ahead in this game.

To download this list, complete with email addresses, click here. I have also included my PR and digital marketing friends as well (see tabs at the bottom of the sheet) so check that out too if you need help on that front.

Australian freelance writers

Louisa Deasey Website copywriting, feature writing, travel and lifestyle writing and editing projects,
health, wellbeing, and beauty writing and editing
Carolyne Jasinski Travel and lifestyle stories, website build and copywriting, travel app development and content population
Christine Salins Food, wine and travel
Rebecca Varidel Food, drink, eating, produce, film, music, dance, lifestyle, spirituality, freelance for business writing (for print digital newsletters or training) and for social media content effective for SEO, as well as media releases
Christine Retschlag Travel, soft adventure, spirituality, luxury, health and wellbeing, dating, relationships and social issues
Virginia Muzik Health/wellness, music, web copy for small businesses (especially wellness and spiritual-based businesses)
Alison Carmichael-Rulten Travel news, deals and guest goddess tips
Carla Grossetti Food and travel
Jo Stewart Travel, pop culture, community, food, human interest stories and all things Susan Sarandon
Keith Austin Travel, Food, Drink
Sally Hammond Food and travel
Penny Carroll Travel, wellness, fitness and lifestyle. Copywriting, editing and proofreading
Simon Fearby Tech and development
Emma Castle Travel and tourism (consumer and trade), health and wellness, business and entrepreneurship, copywriting for newsletters, blog posts, award submissions and reports
Yvette Peverell Travel and tourism, food, copywriting for business
Julia Gralberg Travel, hotels, food and wellness
Alison Leader Spirituality

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  1. Having you in my corner is amazing. I’m also in yours. Any time you want to chat, read a book, pretend to read a book, riff about life and work and travelling and all of that, please pick up the phone xx. Thank you so much for this

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