Forget everything you’ve been taught.

Forget about achieving. Forget about Bachelors degrees, or Honours, or Masters.

Forget about owning things.

Forget about money.

Forget everything but this.

Kindness is the only thing that matters.

Kindness to yourself, because that’s where all kindness begins.

Look upon yourself with love. With compassion. With humour.

And then turn it outwards, like petals opening towards the sun.

2 comments on “Kindness

  1. Em, the one bit of advice my Mum gave me when I was young that I ALWAYS remembered was ‘when you decide to settle down with someone, please just make sure they are kind. When you go through the challenges of pregnancy, parenting, financial issues, grief (ie. life!) that is what will make all the difference’. Yup. She was right- and I might not have followed much good advice in my life, but I’m glad I did with that. Xxx

  2. Beautifully put.
    When you were a kid, did yohe ever play the adjective game with your name? My friends did and I was always called kind kristy. I thought it was lame and no one ever found it exciting. It was boring.
    Now as an adult, I would wear that as a badge of honour.
    I will always reward kindness in my children. And like Ed’s mum, I already tell them it is the most important thing to find in friends.

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