gentle living

In praise of the everyday

gentle living

After years of writing about – and occasionally experiencing – some pretty fancy stuff, I have to say that I am┬áloving the humble life.

Aldi Champagne instead of Veuve.

Homemade casseroles instead of degustations.

Days of laundry, writing, baby mama-ing and coffees with friends.

There’s a lot of joy to be found in this new way of life.

K-Mart couture. Nights on the couch with hubs and bubs. Jeans and my five exactly the same H&M tops.

The thing about exclusivity is that it leaves people out. Same goes for luxury. It’s designed to be aspirational to many and accessible to few.

But what if we stop aspiring? What if we start loving the small, the quiet, the kind? Spending time instead of money?

What if we value less over more?

For me, the future is about humility, kindness, inclusiveness and fun.

What about you?



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