Date night: Skyline Drive-In


Are you a loud popcorn eater? Do you laugh too enthusiastically in movies? The drive-in is for you!

I once had a colleague accuse me of breathing loudly. And it’s true. I am a noisy person, much like The Spark’s youngest child. Miss 4 chatters away as she goes to sleep and starts talking before she wakes up. I relate to that.

At the drive-in, no one can hear you scream. It’s brilliant. You can munch obnoxiously, rattle ice cubes and grope your beloved without fear of arrest.

Skyline Drive-in is a relic of a pastel-hued era of motor vehicle worship but without the old speakers. All you have to do is tune your radio to a specified frequency to hear the soundtrack of the film. With two screens running simultaneously, you can choose from two blockbuster options, and there’s a sweet 1960s-style diner in the middle for all your malted shake and cheeseburger needs.

The prices are distinctly retro too. $25 for a car load for the 6pm session and $11 per person for the 9pm session.

Skyline Drive-in is located next door to Atura Blacktown so for maximum date night fun, I recommend a stay at this super cool hotel. Depending on traffic, the drive out to Blacktown will take you roughly 1.5 hours from the Sydney CBD.


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