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Sydney vs Tamworth

Recently I’ve had a few people ask me if I’m happy living in Tamworth with a doubtful ‘as if’ look on their face.

Louis Vuitton
Who was Louis Vuitton anyway? A guy who loved a good manbag?

The truth is, I am happy but I’m also lonely sometimes. Ahh life.The things I miss about the city are:

  • My old friends. People who know me well and presumably still tolerate me
  • Food. Rare beef pho, sashimi, gelato, cheap Lebanese, wine bars (in fact, bars, full stop), stinky cheese platters, artisan bread, great coffee everywhere you go. The list goes on forever.
  • Anonymity. Noone could give two hoots about your business. Sometimes it sucks but generally, it’s pretty awesome.
  • Glamour. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Louis Vuitton window on George St or the hostess at whatever new restaurant has just opened, Sydney is one stylish dame. She’s all designer clothing, fake lashes, expensive cosmetics and high heels. She’s high maintenance but wow – what a babe!

The stuff I don’t miss: the concrete, noise, rushing, commuting, pollution, sky high living expenses and overpriced rentals.

The things I like about Tamworth are:

  • It’s friendly. People are much more open and a lot less rushed.
  • The sense of space. No high rise, big yards, wide streets.
  • The fact that it only takes five minutes to get just about anywhere.
  • The down-to-earthiness. People are generally pretty chilled. I saw a woman at the supermarket in her pyjamas.

The stuff I don’t like: everything closes early, the food options are limited and the gossip levels are much higher than what I’m used to.

Have you ever moved to the city and/or country? What did you love/miss?



2 comments on “Sydney vs Tamworth

  1. Don’t forget the lovely old man who helped you with your dresser – maybe country people are more willing to lend a helping hand?

    I feel much the same about my move. Love the air and sky, hate that I can’t buy fancy wine or cheese. My wallet is glad that I can’t do these things though!

    I don’t want to move back to the city anytime soon, but I’m glad that is so close and that my friends are not far away.

  2. Hey, people help people here too! Of course, here you’d worry they were going to shove you in the back of their van afterwards, but there are some lovely acts of kindness in the big smoke. once you get your mace handy.

    Having recently stayed in a town with a population of 2000, I know I could never settle somewhere like that. Everyone really knows everyone’s names and stories. Tamworth is a step up… but still a bit too small for me. But it’s great to visit! 🙂

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