The Darling

The Darling + Sokyo

I used to think casinos were a little bit evil (and not just from an interior design point of view).

The Darling
Rock. Star.

But you know what? They’re no more evil than banks or insurance companies. Essentially, it’s all about what you do when you’re¬†there.

When it comes to The Star in Sydney, I am going to be eating at Sokyo and bigging it up in the suites at The Darling.

Let’s start with Sokyo. I don’t like adjectives but goddamn, it was superb. I love Japanese and this is the best I have ever had. Better than in actual¬†Japan. Delicate plates of kingfish sashimi with fennel flowers and yuzu dressing, crab and prawn sushi in gossamer wraps, hot dishes such as buttery cod and a dessert plate that had the lightest cheesecake with a strawberry jam gel disc. It. Was. Bliss.

I could go on but you weren’t there and you’ll just get jealous. Just go yourself. It ain’t cheap but it will make you feel like you’re in New York and you’re in some way special. Like you just signed a book deal. And your book got made into a movie. And Jennifer Lawrence is playing you in the movie.

So let’s talk about The Darling. THE ROOMS ARE ENORMOUS. The bath is enormous. The beds are enormous. There are free magazines and the view is all sparkly harbour and bridge. It’s where you sleep when life is good and you’re successful and they’re making a sequel.







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