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One example of modern Italian interior design

Italy is home to some of the best brands of industrial and home decor design in the world. With 70+ years of experience, not to mention the inter-generational expertise in artisanship and mixed manufacturing/refinement techniques, Italian top brands like Minotti, Zanotta, Kartell, Poliform, Vitra and Poltrona Frau have made Italy a leading trendsetter in the industry for generations. To its credit, Italy has preserved valuable artisanal techniques (long forgotten by competitors) handed down from father to son since the days of the master/apprentice shops during the Medieval period.

Since the ancient Roman Era and up through the Renaissance Italy has always demonstrated an innate ability to create the most elegant, fashionable and ornate designs in the world thanks to special skills in craftsmanship, and hands-on experience in varied uses of colour, refinement processes, and various materials. This is a natural result that also stems from the wide knowledge acquired through high cross-cultural interaction with different cultures throughout the centuries- in particular Greek, Arabic, North African, Spanish, and Northern European influences.

The current demographics indicate a marked preference for Old World Ornate as well as Modern Italian design, and thus show a return to the traditional aspects of artisanship- like baroque styles and Roman architecture including murals, columns and marble floors, crystals and mirrors, hand-carved stone and wood furniture, and other accoutrements like draped chandeliers and gold-leaf decorations.

At Shop Mohd store, one of the top online outlets for Italian furniture designs, you can find a vast selection of collections of brands such as Poliform, which has successfully risen through the ranks of the Italian design furniture industry giants, thanks to its innovative style and unique ability to recognise and evolve to meet current trends. It can anticipate current trends in housing thanks to its collaboration with some of the top designers and architects in the world (Carlo Colombo, Marcel Wanders, Roberto Barbieri, Roberto Lazzaroni, Jean Marie Massaud, and many others).

A major advantage that has captured the attention of international audiences is its respect for the environment and use of sustainable materials for its design. Its Marble Tribeca Coffee Tables, Spessart Oak nightstands, Mad Chaise Longue, Howard Table (made of laser cut and folded steel, glass and oak wood) and Bristol Sofa multi-set combinations (reminiscent of the comfort given by ancient Roman lounge sofas) show the marked degree to which the company has been able to maintain a stylish elegance combined with Old World Ornate, retro, contemporary, modern and avant garde, in a fusion of different world styles that exhibits a cross-cultural background in absolute excellence while keeping true to modern styles.

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