Mid-year resolutions by Stephanie Nuzzo

mid-year-resolutionsMid-year resolutions

By Stephanie Nuzzo

I’ve been hearing a whole lot about people’s plans for this year. There have been a lot of new beginnings promised for 2011, but to me, New Years’ resolutions are bullsh*t. I had my new beginning in June this year.

Halfway through 2010 I decided I was over the Groundhog-days I was living, grabbed a friend and flew across the world. For seven weeks I roamed around the cities I  had previously known through the pictures on my desktop screen, and experienced the cliché’ of ‘discovering myself.

I learnt that a part of me belongs in London; Spitalfields markets, the pub-culture, the shopping, Pret-a-Manger, the shopping, the shopping, the shopping … it all just agreed with me. I learnt that the men in Ireland do NOT resemble Gerard Butler in P.S I Love you, but the people are a laugh and they will outdrink you. I learnt that boys in Amsterdam are not to be trusted. And I learnt about my heritage – as horribly cheesy as that may sound…

For the last week of my trip I stayed with family in Alcamo, Sicily; family I had never met, mind you.

I stepped out into the airport, quietly freaking out inside because noone knew how to speak English and I wasn’t sure who would be waiting to pick me up. But when I walked out through the gate, I recognised them immediately, standing there with a big sign that read ‘Stephany’ in pink letters. They ran up to me and thrust a bunch of flowers in my face. After only moments, I felt a deep connection with these people I didn’t even know. In this frenzy of lips and arms, I had found myself in a familiar place.

On the stony beaches of Italy’s soccer ball I forgot about unattended emails and Facebook notifications, I was distracted from low G.I diets and gym memberships … I just explored the Mediterranean island that was once home to my grandparents. And that one lazy week gave me a whole lot more than any anaemic New Years’ resolution ever has.

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  1. What a great stroy! So many of us are afraid of taking that plunge and dive into the photos we keep dreaming about, wondering if the money will be worth it in the end, and of course it always is! And definitely agree about the shocking truth of men in Ireland…

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