Building a new nest

Much to my relief, I moved into my own place on the weekend.

I have been housesitting and staying with friends for the past two months but I’m ready to have my own room again (I am a decorating tragic!).

The bower bird knows how to turn a few pegs and bottle tops into something the Museum of Contemporary Art would pay good taxpayer money for. A triumph.

I can’t help but think this is a wonderful opportunity.

After losing most of my stuff in a fire, I have no legacy issues. I don’t have to make my old stuff fit my new life. I get to choose a quilt cover that is perfect for Summer 2013. I don’t have to find places to put old books, old shoes or old thoughts.

Everything is new.

I have moved in with flatmates for the first time in nearly 10 years, two of whom are mini-pinschers named Buzz and Bruno. I have my own little attic room, a second-hand bed and a clothes rack. That’s me now: basic.

This after being married and owning everything. Eeps.

To celebrate my new nest, the kind folk at Realestateview are giving you the chance to win a $50 Officeworks voucher simply by sharing your best moving tip in the comments section below (they also have a nifty quiz for potential buyers here but I am about 50 million years away from being able to afford anything so, you know, enjoy that).


4 comments on “Building a new nest

  1. Always label your boxes and pack things you are going to need from your kitchen/bathroom/bedroom last and then unpack them first at the new destination. There is nothing worst than be dying for a drink and not finding a glass or being in desperate need for the toilet and have forgotten where you’ve packed the toilet rolls.
    Also if you have a complicated TV/stereo/home entertainment set up, take a picture of the where the cords are attached and in what order so it’s easier to plug back in later.

  2. Congratulations on the new nest, Em. I’m sure it’ll be as pretty as a bower bird’s. I can relate – have been a literal (not virtual) nomad for two months or so, and am starting to nest when I’m in a hotel room for longer than three nights! Happy decorating!

  3. Hey Em!
    I’ve moved about 120 times in my life so i have loads of moving tips:
    * keep a cup, spoon, knife, teatowel, matches and small saucepan in your ‘moving day’ bag for settling in when you have no idea where your kitchen boxes are
    * unpack your bedding first and make your bed – this just makes you feel better straight away
    * play music as you unpack and burn incense – makes it ‘yours’ asap

    Happy new place!

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