Kathy Bates

Dear Aunty Em

Kathy Bates
Nobody wants to wake up to this, especially your female friends

‘Trust is an important thing for my girlfriend and I, and we both have friends of the opposite sex. I’m perfectly cool for her to hang out with her guy friends (even on a one on one setting). However, I’ve noticed a few of my female friends have been telling me they no longer want to hang out with me because they feel it’s wrong. Why is this happening? 

– Dude Pariah

Dear Dude Pariah,

As you may have noticed, girls are crazy. They generally follow a strict code of ‘Thou shall not hang out with another girl’s boyfriend’ because it’s just easier that way. They don’t want to give you the wrong impression but they also don’t want to end up having feelings for an unavailable guy either. Hence, the Jewish-style segregation. They will happily hang out with you if your girlfriend is there because that’s nice and straight forward. The girls can talk about girl stuff and you can just lurk on the periphery carrying their handbags or something.

The other problem here is that the girls are probably worried that your girlfriend will get the wrong idea, even if everyone’s motivations and intentions are strictly above board. I reiterate – girls are crazy and no one knows this better than a girl. We don’t want to attract the misplaced ire of another woman by hanging out, unsupervised, with their man.

It’s immature, it’s silly and it’s sad but there’s a belief that hos come before bros; women will put the interests of other women before their friendships with guys simply because they have probably experienced the devastating fall-out from a female friend’s jealous rage. No dude is worth that much trouble and that’s why your chick friends are avoiding one-on-one time with you. Either that or you smell.






2 comments on “Dear Aunty Em

  1. NB. This rule-of-thumb (ie. girls are crazy) carries on later in life, when your friends start getting divorced. A recently-divorced female friend is fine to invite over for a “Girls Night Out’ or “Girls Night In” but not to dinner parties at which husbands are present who may be uncontrollably attracted to the rogue single female in their presence.

  2. Girls are not crazy. Perhaps they are just more emotionally sensitive to the nuances of boy girl friendships. Its a a tricky one to generalize. As I think if we were all really honest we have some friends we would go and some just… No. Each is unique.

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