Dear Aunty Em: STI

marchmontpenny2‘How should you tell a partner about an STI? I had a lover tell me he just found out his ex from six months back tested positive for chlamydia. By text. Not cool.’ – Love bug

Dear Love bug,

There are two sides to this coin. On the positive side, he told you about it which makes him a halfway decent person. On the downside, he did it by text which means he’s a bit of a chicken.

I recently got into a bit of hot water for emailing my family about something a bit sensitive (not bad, mind you, but something they thought I should have picked up the phone about). The reason I emailed is because I was overwhelmed and also a bit scared about their reaction.

It’s possible that this guy felt that way too. He can’t have been impressed about the news and was probably feeling a combination of shame, fear and anger  about it.

Probably a little bit like you’re feeling now.

The kind option is to let him off the hook for this one. His behaviour wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst either. Tell him you would’ve preferred a phone call or for him to tell you face-to-face. Talk about your feelings, let him talk about his, and thank your lucky stars it was something curable.


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