Crazy town

Get out of crazy town

Crazy town
Norman was probably a fun guy to hang out with at the pub.

We all go a little crazy sometimes’

 – Norman Bates

All the best people have the propensity for insanity but it’s a matter of reeling in the bad crazy.

Earlier this year, I lost the plot over a guy I was dating. Like, really lost the plot. I got super drunk the night we broke up and some of the things I said to him in text – messages that I reviewed the following morning in abject horror – were the stuff of AVOs.

I am not an inherently crazy lady but there’s nothing like scorned affection to send me (and to be honest, most of us) off the deep-end.

The question then becomes do you listen to your friends when they are trying to tell you to tone down the Kathy Bates? Do you take responsibility for your actions or do you lock the door on your homestead in Crazy Town and go under house arrest?

My advice is this. Listen to your friends. They love you. They want the best for you. They are not trying to hurt you. They are trying to save you from yourself.


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