Life and stuff: Choose life!

choose-lifeWhere you live affects every aspect of your daily life.

It influences what you do for a living, who you spend your time with and how you express yourself and critical health factors like weather, access to fresh food and community services.

It’s one of the biggest decisions you will ever make and yet so many people don’t even think about it. They stay in the place they grew up, went to university or where they were able to get a job. End of story.

Not me. I have been searching for ‘home’ ever since the day I left home. That’s why I love travelling. Maybe my home – the place where I truly belong – is still out there, waiting for me?

For me the concept of home is a blend of practicality and spirituality.


  • I can afford to live there
  • Access to the services required for me to do my work (internet, phone, electricity, mail service)
  • Access to transport (I don’t own a car)
  • Access to running water, fresh food and air and proximity to health services like doctors and chemists


  • I am surrounded by nature
  • I am part of an enlightened, creative, multi-racial community
  • There is access to cultural events, restaurants, art galleries and markets
  • I have enough money to support myself and my community in a generous, abundant way

I devour travelogues about people who have lived in other countries, all the while wondering, ‘Is that my home?’. I fall in love with places like Orange, Milton, Pearl Beach and Port Douglas that seem ideal (but the reality? I am not so sure).

My search for home continues. Despite my love affair with Marrickville, I know that this is not it (not enough room; nowhere to put alpacas or grow a veggie garden).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Would anyone like to start an entirely new community based on the principles outlined above? Kool Aid, anyone?

4 comments on “Life and stuff: Choose life!

  1. Yeah Absolutely!
    Llamas, Chooks, Fresh Grown Vegies, Woodfired Pizza’s & Mudbrick homes.
    Sounds like ‘The good life’ 🙂

  2. Oh dear! Kool Aid? I still get goose bumps thinking about Jim Jones and his “community”. Having said that, I think the south coast of NSW would be ideal for a sustainable kibbutz-stye arrangement. The best of both worlds – beach and bush… (I’m not one for snow, really). Me? I’d love to live in some beautiful colonial era hacienda in Mexico or a villa in Spain. Or both. Somewhere in between a city and rural area would be ideal. Un dia… un dia… 🙂

  3. I have a howto book on building a pizza oven waiting for the hub to finish his other projects first but we do have the space, just a matter of time.
    I also have similar living requirements and Dungog is somewhere i consider for my pastoral fantasy. It is on the train line and even has a film festival.

  4. I have never had a doubt in my mind about my home being in Adelaide. Affordable, beautiful, gorgeous coastlines, abundant amazing wineries, heaps of arts festivals – it ticks a lot of boxes and the only people who make fun of it are the ones who havent been there or havent experienced it properly. We could build a commune in the Adelaide Hills, just walking distance from all the cellar doors..

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