Meet the artist: Cathy Stait-Gardner

If you have spoken to me recently, you have probably heard me banging on Camden’s answer to Quentin Blake. Meet Cathy Stait-Gardner – gifted artist, Buffy fan and all ’round hilarious woman.

How long have you been an artist?

An artist. It sounds so high-brow! I’m not sure how long Ive been an artist. I’ve always sketched, painted and sewn. My family was arty and always encouraged creativity.

Recently I began selling my works, so that makes me feel a little more like a real artist.

If you have spoken to me recently, you have probably heard me banging on about this amazing artist I have become friends with. That artist is Cathy Stait-Gardner and she is a rare gem.

What do you paint/draw?

I paint and draw loads of things! My interests change and I go where the mood takes me.

I used to work primarily in pastels which I love for their vibrancy and immediacy. But when I had babies, I realised how messy pastels are. I became concerned about the dust with the children too. So recently I’ve mostly stuck to watercolours and pens. I do occasionally fiddle with oils but the risk of a smudging disaster with two children in the house is high.

I have quite a silly sense of humour so I often sketch and watercolour weird little illustrations.

I also really enjoy painting or drawing landscapes. My grandmother was a wonderful artist and her landscapes are a constant inspiration.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently doing some fun watercolour illustrations for children. I’m also toying with making a range of cards. And there’s a portrait of my husband in oils which is being neglected in the corner at the moment.

Do you have any upcoming exhibitions?

No. But my work is on show on Instagram @cathy_sg_art

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