Inspiring villas free wellness programs

Free wellness programs with Inspiring Villas

Inspiring villas free wellness programs

It’s about this time of year that mama needs a long lie down.

But here’s the thing: I have a 20 month-old toddler who wakes up at dawn every single day. There is no holiday on earth that can get around that crushing fact.

So how can you combine a family holiday where you get to do all the usual mum stuff (bottles of formula at dawn, bottles of wine at 5pm) with the kind of thing all your hot-assed, single mates are doing (yoga, meditation and cold-pressed juices)?

Answer: Inspiring Villas.

These legends are offering all guests a free 4 day wellness program valued at $1000 pp with any Phuket villa stay of 7 nights or more before Easter 2019.

The free wellness programs are delivered by trained yoga and meditation practitioners at a time that is suitable to you (i.e. any time after 5.15am, provided it’s OK to have a toddler climbing all over you). Offering Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra and mindfulness meditation, you can take your class indoors or head outside to the lawn or beachfront. 

The cold pressed juices are formulated for special health outcomes like rejuvenating your skin, hair and nails, liver cleansing, inflammation reduction and metabolic boosting. All ingredients are locally sourced and freshly prepared. But if you’re like me, you will add vodka because why waste good calories on juice when you could be drinking cocktails?

To book your villa stay with a free wellness program visit 

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