Have you ever noticed how when you’re with someone who is a bit out there, you feel as though you’re allowed to be more out there too?

Do you think this yellow is OK with my eyes? I am totally a ‘Spring’ but I’ve heard that this season is more about pastels. OH MAH GAWD. OH MAH GAWD.

By being yourself, you give other people permission to be themselves.

This is why it’s so critically important to nurture and protect your very special You-ness.

It’s hard. There are so many messages that say, ‘You are too fat, your boobs/pecs are too small, you are dumb, you don’t have enough, you have too much…’ and on and on it goes.

To all of that, I say, ‘Shhhhh!’

I am trying to listen and learn. Who am I really? What do I want? What’s right for me?

I have been listening to what my body is telling me (get more sleep, stop drinking, avoid gluten, stretch your lower back).

I have been questioning the feeling that I am Too Much. Too loud, too honest, too brightly coloured. Why do I feel like that? Surely macaws don’t sit around worrying that they’re too rainbow.

You are who you are. Stop trying to be something else. The world needs you to be you.

Your You-ness is precious.

What steps are you taking to live more comfortably and happily as You, as opposed to some poor impostor of the person your family, your boss, your partner or your society wants you to be?



2 comments on “Permission

  1. Em, you are so fabulous that you put the macaw in the shade.

    If there’s a better poster girl for being authentic…
    well I don’t think there is actually.

    Happy International Women’s Day to you – and to all the wonderful She Goes dames!

  2. I hope that you will always have the courage to be yourself – our lives would be so ‘sparrow’ (matt brown) if it wasn’t for you!

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