Dinosaur Hotel

Sometimes you see something so truly awesome that you have to tell people about it.

The Diplodocus, inarguably the coolest dinosaur, would have loved The Oatmeal

For ages I’ve been banging on in various professional circles about how good social media content has to either be really fun or really useful/interesting. This is not my idea. It’s just common sense but so many people don’t listen and post boring crap about ‘Here’s my blah blah. Buy the blah blah’.

Here’s the thing I have to tell you about: there is a Dinosaur themed Best Western in Colorado.

These GENIUSES decided that instead of implementing some short-sighted, dumb ass marketing plan, they would donate $35,000 to the Tesla Museum fundraiser, subsequently scoring 74,000 Likes on Facebook because The Oatmeal wrote a post about them.

The Oatmeal post is funny, as all Oatmeal posts are. It’s also nerdy and therefore appealing to the kind of people who would actually travel to Denver, Colorado to ‘ooooh’ over the bones of an Apatosaurus and stay in a dinosaur hotel.

And there you have it, people. A tale of brilliant marketing with a social conscious and a sense of humour.

The End.



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