Netty Mac

Travel Tales: Netty Mac

Name: Annette

Age: 43

Occupation: Senior travel consultant

Favourite travel destination?: Turkey

Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling?: At the Antique Turquois Café, Sultanhamet, Turkey

Best kiss?: In Luxor going through customs after saying goodbye to my lover,  he jumped through security for one last air bending smooch.

Scariest drive?: A public bus in Cairo.

Where is the best place you’ve ever stayed?: A boatel on the Danube in Budapest, Hungary.

What has been the big ‘wow’ moment of your travelling life?: Cappadocia region, Turkey. Did a 3 hour hike at sunset through Rose Valley in the winter. Got to the top of the valley to watch the sun set over the valley covered in snow.  Was a moment where I knew I could achieve anything as I was blown away by the beauty and on top of the world.

What is your number one travel tip?: Pack lots of extra socks.  It’ s one thing you cannot do without, and very handy to pack little fragile things in, when you’re returning home.

Annette is hosting 14-15 day a tour of Turkey in April 2014. The trip is designed for solo travelers and will showcase her secret Turkish treasures. Expressions of Interest can be sent to There will only be 15 places available.

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  1. Turkey is my favourite place too Annette, and I write about it in my blogs. I love the fact that you are taking a tour next year – I’m temtped, but will have to convince hubby to go on the next cruise without me…

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