Spoon ban

Who knew spooning could bend your mind?

I can be totally cool with a guy, we can be hanging out, fooling around, whatever. I am fine with all of that. I am still standing on firm ground.

Until we spoon, that is. Spooning sends me way over the edge. You wrap your arms around me for a night and I wake up on the express train to Crazy Town.

It comes down to the whole Languages of Love concept. For me, it’s all about words of affection and physical intimacy. Nothing feels more like love to me than going to sleep in someone’s arms and waking up with their breath on the back of my neck.

It makes me fall head over heels. Honestly, I could spoon Tony Abbott and wake up in lurve. The switch has been flicked and the love chemicals are in play.

From now on, I am banning spooning from my life. It’s misleading and confusing and entirely too potent a drug to mess with.

What sends you over the edge? What other activities should I be avoiding?

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