What do you really like?

This is going to sound stupid but it’s only recently that I have become aware that there’s a divide between what I like and what I think I should like.

I have spent 40 years subconsciously trying to like things that ‘people like me’ like. And by that I mean the person that I want to be. 

How obnoxious.

And now I am questioning the preferences I publicly declare and the ones I keep to myself because of how I think it will land.

I have written about the concept of personal brands before and how I loathe, loathe, loathe this term.

I had a very funny chat about this recently. My friend said she loves Kyle Sandilands but never tells anyone because she thinks people will be horrified.

Geraniums are my favourite flowers. Not fancy in the slightest.

It’s the same as me and Aldi shopping. I ADORE ALDI. I find the whole experience stupendously fun and I have nailed the art of super fast bag packing. But it’s technically a discount supermarket and what does that say about me?

Same with my hatred of classic novels, oysters and opera.

Classy people like this stuff, right?

Which means I am evidently not classy.

Some of my favourite things came from op-shops. I think ‘luxury’ is a con, degustations are decadent (and not in the misused adjective sense), and that this constant seeking of bigger, better, faster is at once sad and revolting.

I want to be fancy – I really do – but my preferences tell a different story.

The truth.

What are you reluctant to admit to liking?

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