Snow aliens on Mt Owen

snow-aliens-on-mt-cookEverybody has heard of snow angels but snow aliens? They’re new.

A snow alien is what happens when you land on your back in hard, icy snow and your head leaves a giant hole but your arms and legs look spindly.

I discovered this new life form when I was on a Lord of the Rings Location Tour with Reid Heslop Helicopters. The tour starts at the Reid HQ and takes you over farmland, forestry pines, crystal clear trout fishing streams and swoops up to the snowcapped mountains of Mt Owen where you stop off for a coffee and a chocolate bar.

I was travelling with a posse of rad Australians who all got very excited about the amount of snow. The mountains looked like they were covered in wedding cake icing.

Have you been to the snow recently? Did you throw yourself into it, only to discover it’s as hard and cold as a brothel madame?

5 comments on “Snow aliens on Mt Owen

  1. I’m so jealous of your travels Em.
    Hearing the words Helicopter and Snow so close together definitely piques my interest.
    Its a bumper snow season in Australia & NZ but Im not sure im gonna make it for a ski this year 🙁 …who knows… maybe a weekend dash to perisher in September

  2. Technically, I am a ‘Snow Alien’, as I have never even seen snow, let alone played in it. I think I need to take a snow discovery trip. I really want to build a snowman bad.

  3. We’re lucky we didn’t crack open our heads…that’s so funny Em. Love your blog. It’s awesome.

  4. I’m still laughing hard! Between us all falling over in the knee-high deep snow and your snow alien (with Jodie’s) we had a great time.

    Cousin Mick – apparently there will be snow in NZ until November this year. It started late but it’s a bumper season now. You’ve got loads of time for a quick trip over to Queenstown or Christchurch.

    Jodie – you’ve got the hang of social media!

  5. Yes. We are snow veterans. Come visit us (here in Minnesota) in four or five months and you will see _snow_! There is more snow a thousand miles west in the Rocky Mountains, of course. Even as I write this.

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