What do you think?

what-do-you-thinkDearest Good Looking People,

I need your help.

What do you want to see more of on this blog?

Are you happy?

How can I make you happier?

I live to serve you, Precious Readers.

Can you please give me some brutally honest feedback? Bring it on. My loins are girded (what the hell does that even mean?!).

Please help me make this blog better and tell me what you love, what you hate and what would get your moss-free rolling stone rocks off!

9 comments on “What do you think?

  1. I love your blog Em!
    Haven’t been logging in over the last few weeks due to workload madness.
    I wish you blog could fix this, but alas, I’m afraid it can’t…

  2. I love your blog too Em!. Love the random bits of trivia, where am I wednesday and even the interesting people you profile. Not to mention you have great insight and some good advice for all the places you visit.

  3. Is it too boring to say that I love your blog too, Em-la? It makes my day sometimes, reading your wit and wisdom in words. I love the quirky take you have on things (don’t ever change) and the big and small things you notice about places, people, happenings. I like your ponderings as much as your reviews of places. And I like that they’re short and quick to read, so I can get a fix amidst the busyness. In short, it’s all good 🙂

  4. Maybe you could add photo galleries of destinations – they are always the most popular thing on websites, people love to click through them.

    Also, trip giveaways!! haha

    I love it Em, read it every day, keeps me in touch with my travel bug.

  5. Oh wow – I am loving all the positivity guys!

    OK – so I am going to bring back Where am I Wednesday, load some image galleries (I was thinking that might be fun – image-driven pieces) and I will endeavour to get ya’ll some free travel!

    JT – I will endeavour to find some reasonably PG bazookas for you….

  6. From Wikipedia.org: The term “gird one’s loins” was used in the Roman Era meaning to pull up and tie one’s lower garments between one’s legs to increase one’s mobility in battle. In the modern age, it has become an idiom meaning to prepare oneself for the worst.[18]

    (I never knew what it meant, either. )

    I was not serious about the bazookas. I can take ’em or leave ’em.

    More seriously, can you republish links to other travel blogs having similar sensibilities as your own? I like Rick Steves, Globe Trekker, Boots ‘n’ All. All of which are commercial, though, in one way or another–they do keep the salesy stuff down.

    I’ve always loved train travel and can’t get enough of it. You might find republishable tidbits at http://seat61.com/

  7. I’d actually like to see more of you in it, Em. Your humor and particular way of describing a sometimes mundane thing often amuses me and helps me get thru a day.

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