New York

How much is New York?

I want to go to New York next year and I have exactly no money.

New York
How much travel insurance do you need if you plan to strap on some ice skates in a deluded attempt to ‘act New Yorky’?

According to Zuji, Sydney – New York flights start from as little as $1500 or so on Delta but what does accommodation cost? And things? What do things cost when you get there? What is the minimum amount of money you can take with you and still have a good time that involves eating and sleeping indoors?

Did you know that Zuji has vouchers that you can buy people as gifts. And it’s Christmas time. And you can use those vouchers on trips to New York.

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Have you been to New York? How much did it cost you? Is it a place you can visit with a tiny budget and still enjoy?



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  1. Yes! It so is.

    Find a local deli and a toasted avo & tomato bagel is a couple of bucks. Most of the coffee there is crap, so go for a takeaway cuppa tea for the grand sum of $1. Find a local garden & bang – breakfast is done.

    You can get a huge bowl of ‘build your own’ salad for less than $10 – lunch or dinner is now sorted. It’s easy to eat cheaply in NYC.

    To stay – the Harlem Flophouse is THE business. Its an 1890’s brownstone in Harlem that is about $110 – $135 a night. It’s a half an hour subway ride north of 5th avenue and midtown, but who cares. It’s freakin’ NEW YORK. Did I mention it has a house cat and is furnished in decor inspired by that era? It’s amazing.

    If you have to stay closer to the centre of town – try the hostels. But if you are going in may, book super early. Like today. It’s graduation season and all the cheap accomodation is booked up asap. You WILL love it, you classy fabulous woman!

  2. New York can be pricey but only if you want it to be. There are plenty of diners, starbucks and other fast food related types of places to eat that won’t cost a fortune. From memory the museums are a mix of free entry or a reasonable fee. The subway or walking is by far the best way to get around and that’s cheap.
    A walk through Central Park costs you nothing and it has thousands of great photo ops.
    If Broadway is of interest, you can pick up tickets on sale on the day you want to go either at the theatre or in Time Square (at least I think that’s where it was it’s been a few years). The seats may not be the best but it’s Broadway so who cares.
    Just like Sydney, New York has a variety of eating/drinking streets and districts that vary in cuisine, calibre and cost – so choose ones that you like the sound of and can afford.
    I stayed in a Hostel when I was there years ago, it wasn’t brilliant but it was in an ok location and did the trick at the time.
    Let me know what else you’re interested in and I can get my American sources (ie sister) to answer all your burning questions. I hope you get there though, i think you’ll love it.

  3. EM!!!! My soul sister! I so want to go back again next year. I went there in 2007 with precisely $300 in the bank (yep, stupid) and stayed 2 months. I was however writing freelance and had some money coming in when i was over there.
    I stayed at a hostel in chelsea (and a dodgy one in harlem), found a share place on craigslist in Brooklyn and spent heaps of time at the new york public library – their FREE exhibitions are ridiculous. They had Jack Kerouac’s original manuscript for On The Road on display when i was there. The museum of natural history is also amazing – and technically free (although they have a ‘suggested donation’). People are so friendly – I think ice skating is free too and you must get theatre ‘rush’ tickets on broadway. I met this guy on a street corner who invited me to a singles dinner party and we ended up dancing for free somewhere in the meatpacking district all night because of his connections. He invited me out to another party the next night where Cindy Lauper was performing!
    The great thing about staying in hostels too (although definitely have a few nights somewhere nice) is that you find out more about interesting cheap things to do because everyone is there to explore. I found out about this incredible dance class by donation only at the Fame academy. And I found out the bus to Philadelphia was only $10!! I was one of only 2 people on it. It didn’t take long either – an hour or something. New York is easy to do on the cheap because you can walk everywhere, and things like coffee, bagels and salads are cheap. I want to go back so much – lets co-ordinate – again, when i have moolah too…!!

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