These are not my legs but if I wind up sleeping on the couch of a gifted surgeon, there’s no reason they couldn’t be.

My new friend Bee reminded me about couchsurfing the other day so I promptly signed up.

I have a spare room and I spend half my life feeling semi-lonely because I’m a pack poodle as opposed to a lone wolf. I would happily welcome random travellers into my home, especially if they speak English.

I have also emailed an American guy who lives in Tokyo to see if he might be open to hosting me for the two nights I don’t have accommodation booked. Based on his profile, he likes monkeys.

Guess what?

I LIKE MONKEYS. We’re practically best friends.

Bee tells me she’s had wonderful experiences of being welcomed into the homes of complete strangers. I wonder what my couchsurfing journey will be like?

Have you ever couchsurfed or hosted a surfer? What was it like? Do you recommend it?





2 comments on “Couchsurfing

  1. Sounds exciting & fun – pretty typical for you 🙂

    Maybe I can rent out my spare room here…

    Can’t wait to see how it all works out for you in Japan!

  2. I’m more of a lone wolf.

    I’d much rather live alone than with strangers. I’m just no good at ice-breaking, small talk or hosting – just too shy and self-conscious. I’ve taken in backpackers and lived with strangers or friends of friends overseas, but I always found it so hard to relax. Takes me forever to feel comfortable around new people, and often times, we’re out of each others’ lives before enough time has passed…

    But that couch-surfing thing is a great idea – for you gregarious peeps. 🙂

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