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  1. Under 5. Build an itinerary … one of the best tools out there is one I have used now for a number of years. Trip-it pours your confirmation emails and sucks the data out of them to build a complete online itinerary. There is an App for your phone/tablet which syncs AND best, it works offline.
    It allows you to add in manually on the web all the stuff which you may have compiled yourself as Notes such as read-ups and recommendations, planned tours, insurance details, etc … even letting you add photos if you so desire.
    Plus you can print out a summary PDF to give to folks, have a paper version for showing at airline counters if they won’t accept you holding up the phone Itin as proof (they do), and cloud store the same as an emergency copy :: yes you end up with a web-based itinerary minder. This is not an advert. I am just a grateful user and wouldn’t travel without it.

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