Beautiful Bulgaria

By Alex Siborn

Fancy getting away to a holiday spot where you can enjoy golden sands, fun activities, bars and restaurants and a wealth of culture? Bulgaria holidays offer a great value for money getaway to this beautiful land that is largely undiscovered by tourists that opt to holiday in the well-known Mediterranean countries. Bulgaria may surprise you with its varying landscape, from long sandy beaches to green rolling hills and snowy mountains. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach break or an active adventure, Bulgaria has it all.

Bulgaria is an emerging Mediterranean destination

On the edge of the Black Sea and sharing its southern coast with Greece, the country’s coastal resorts offer all the amenities you would expect to find with shops, bars and restaurants as well as a variety of accommodation to suit all budgets. The popular Golden Sands resort offers a lively atmosphere with plenty of bars, clubs and hotels to choose from. If you’re after a more peaceful escape, try the idyllic seaside town Sveti Vlas Village, there are many quiet little villages not too far from the seaside resorts that offer the best of both worlds.

Head further inland for a taste of the Bulgarian culture. Sofia, the capital is a must for history buffs, with over 250 historical sites; it’s one of the oldest in Europe. Take in the scenic mountain views on a hiking or biking adventure or take to the slopes and go skiing. If this is for you, you’ll need to fly in to Sofia – so it’s a great place to start your trip.

Evenings out are spent enjoying the tastes of Bulgarian foods; a delicious mix of Greek, Turkish and Slavic cooking often followed by traditional dancing. Music festivals are popular and each August the Spirit of Burgas is held; a huge music festival that brings international stars to the Bulgarian seaside.

The weather in Bulgaria along the coast is similar to the Mediterranean, with daily average temperatures soaring to above 30° in the summer months. The inland regions experience a cold winter making the mountains a great place for winter sports.

Bulgaria is a versatile and little-known destination – why not give it a go?


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