I am so excited …

i-am-so-excitedIt’s only ten days until I go to Africa for the first time.

I just finished reading Swahili for the Broken-Hearted by Peter Moore (thanks Mici) and it has given me a bit more perspective about what I am in for. Peter travelled from Cape Town to Cairo so I will only be experiencing a small part of what he did but reading about his adventures has certainly boosted my excitement levels to ‘pants wetting’.

At this point, I am spooked by the thought of parasites that burrow into your feet if you walk around barefoot, worried about  Bilharzia (a disease you contract by swimming in freshwater) and more than a little bit concerned about spending five days in Johannesburg, the murder and rape capital of the world. Yippee.

On the upside, I am ten days away from a world that is completely foreign to me. Food that I have never even heard of, animals that I have only ever seen in a zoo and a truck full of complete strangers who have come together to spend Christmas in the middle of nowhere and New Year’s Eve at Victoria Falls. I am thrilled at the prospect of no computer or phone, no make-up or hair straightener, no housework and no need to do anything except be. What a blessing.

And the best part? I get to spend 18 days with my big sister Kate, one of the kindest, smartest people in the world.

I am so excited …

If you’re keen to check out my itinerary, please visit http://www.intrepidtravel.com/trips/UOQ

4 comments on “I am so excited …

  1. Some advice for you: “Penye kuku wengi usimwage mtama”

    (Swahili for “Where there are many fowls, do not spill millet”).

  2. Travelling with your sister to such a magical place will be a memory you’ll hold dear for the rest of your life. I highly recommend it.

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