Just wondering …

just-wonderingWhere to next?

What is your next travel destination?

I am curious …

The Future Husband and I are going to Melbourne next month to eat and drink and wander around looking wistful.

In November, we’re planning to go to Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala for our honeymoon.

And then later, I am dreaming of India and Hawai’i; Hyams Beach and Narooma; Darwin and Broome.

I am always dreaming.

Where are you going? And where don’t you want to go and why?

5 comments on “Just wondering …

  1. My lifelong wish list is: Morocco – but not by myself, for the same reason that India could be a little overwhelming for a female travelling solo!
    Greece & Spain – the two Mediterranean places I’ve never been;
    Cambodia, Lao & Vietnam – the South East Asian countries I’ve yet to explore;
    and back to Rio, because it’s amazing.
    Let’s not forget Japan (a whole month, to cover the mountains, the beach and the cities!), the south of France, and then Turkey…then back to Rome, Paris and London because they are beautiful cities and will never cease to amaze me.

    I think I need a round-the-world ticket and six months off!

  2. Our next trip will be a cruise to Tahiti and Hawai’i (a second honeymoon) in April. I have a special trip to Adelaide planned in June as a surprise for hubby and we will travel in a convertible mustang around the hills and the coast. Classic car tours are pretty much illegal in NSW unless its for a wedding or formal, apparently. The licenses for tour operators in this state are very prohibitive.

    One day when savings allow I would like to spend more time in New Zealand, and go to America and Canada. Oh and I’d love to go back to the UK and Europe. My contiki tour only gave me a taste of what they were like.

    Definitely bitten by the travel bug, but unfortunately lack of funds gets in the way!! Planning and looking forward to future trips gets me through the tedium of work.

    As for places I wouldn’t like to go – I dont think there are many, if money was no object!!

  3. Your honeymoon itinerary sounds fabulous! And just mentioning Hawai’i makes my knees weak!

    My next trip is to NZ in April with the boyfriend- love dating a Kiwi- everytime we go to visit his family, it requires a trip across the Tasman to fabulous New Zealand!

    In November, I plan to tak off about 3-4 weeks and travel through Norway & Spitsbergen (I wanna see the Northern Lights, husky sled and go king crab fishing!), Russia and home via England to visit friends. Hopefully the reprcussions of a financially tough year don’t inhibit me too much!!

    I don’t think there’s anywhere I don’t want to go! How about you?

  4. Melbourne in April, then New Zealand for our honeymoon in August. After spending a sweltering winter in the Middle East last year we had to find somewhere cold this year!
    Then if I play my cards right it’ll be Malawi, Ethiopia and Kenya early next year. And if I somehow manage to persuade the husband that Sudan should be on his list of desirable destinations we’ll get to stop there too for one of the world’s top scuba diving spots.

  5. our next destination is South Hedland, it’s in the Pilbara WA, not very exciting but commitments beckon us that way. Next leisure trip is to KL, hong Kong and China, can’t wait.

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