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I have decided to start a new thing on here called Love Stuff. I am going to talk about love and spirit and beauty because truthfully, that’s what makes life worth living and yet we spend so little time talking about it.

I signed up to on Thursday. My final divorce papers came through on Friday. I’m still heartbroken, as much as I pretend not to be, and yet I’m hopeful. I want to find love and have babies and be a wonderful mother, partner, friend and community member. I know I have too much passion (or maybe just enough for the right person?). I know I’m a handful. I know I’m maybe a bit different. is brilliant. It lets you filter out all the people that you will have fundamental idealogical differences with. It’s like online shopping – you get to refine search terms. I’ve had some shockers with shopping and I expect that online dating will be the same. So far, I have exchanged emails and text messages with a couple of people; most of whom seem excellent (notwithstanding the guy who sent me a picture of his dick. WHAT. WHY?!).

Anyway, it’s eye opening. I feel like I have options. There’s the Lieutenant Colonel, the hilarious Irishman, the charming Francophile. It’s fun but it’s still email fantasy land.

I will let you know how it goes and I’m probably going to ramble on a bit about love in the future.

Have you had any luck with online dating? Got any advice?




6 comments on “Love stuff

  1. Sorry to hear about the divorce papers Em. Downright sucky. 🙁
    But, congrats on diving into online dating… Proactive move and a great distraction AND could well lead to your true lurve! My top tip (having been there) is to meet quickly; much easier to gauge if there’s something there and you can get too wrapped up in the email/text wooing stage only to not connect at all in person.
    Can’t wait to hear more. Xx

  2. Thanks so much Rach! I think you’re totally right. Would be so easy to just ‘play’ without committing to actual meetings.
    Divorce totally sucks but it’s just the way life goes, I guess. Here’s to holding out for true and lasting love. xxx

  3. Good luck on RSVP, I will join you soon! I agree the best advice is too meet early before expectations build. And much love, hope your heartbreak heals soon xx

  4. Good luck Em, I’ve been in and out of the online dating pool many times over the past few years with varying degrees of success and failures. I met the current guy online and am well and truly smitten, but I have to keep reminding myself it is still early days yet.
    I definitely agree don’t get too bogged down in the emails etc as it can lead to having the amazing expectations that unfortunately reality has very little chance to live up to. But by all means always go at your own pace. I’m also a big believer in meeting somewhere public for the first time, and tell someone your plans. Keep it casual with a cafe or a pub, and if things go well you can always do dinner as the evening progresses.
    All the best

  5. Congratulations Em on your divorce papers. It may not seem like worth celebrating, but I hope you commemorated it in some way. I don’t like the term Divorce Party, but you could have a Freedom Party 🙂 Or just dance by yourself to Nina Simone (or Michael Buble) singing ‘Feeling Good’ and open the champagne!

    Re online dating, I’ve tried various sites. Unfortunately I didn’t have alot of luck getting in contact with, or receiving contact from many men and the few men I was able to meet and date had psychological, or social issues, some that didn’t show up until 2 months into knowing them. Sounded normal in their profile. So my advice would be to give it a go – I’ve heard of many happy stories – but don’t put all your hopes into it. Keep a look out in the real world too. I gave up on online about a year ago and I’ve never been happier. Instead of spending time trying to make online dating work (it was like a second job!) I’ve started some new hobbies, having fun and making friends with lots of amazing and lovely men in the real world. No relationship as yet though, but it’s more enjoyable than online shopping, well for me anyway. But good luck! I wish you all the happiness, love and passion you most rightfully deserve.

  6. Yes… what’s with the doodle pics… straight up. So many of my gal pals have been stunned by “Hi… here’s my willy!” NOT HOT… not right away at least 😉

    Is there such a thing as too much passion? I think not. I love you and would marry you if it were legal! 🙂 x

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