Maybe it was fate…

maybe-it-was-fateI was a really bolshie little kid. I would talk to anyone and I wandered off a lot. My childhood memories are punctuated with any number of PA systems calling my name. I remember once when I was meant to be playing netball that I got bored and decided to just walk off the court. It took about ten minutes for anyone to notice that I was gone.

It’s little wonder, then, that I have always wanted to be a travel journalist. Imagine being paid to do what has always come naturally to me?! At the very root of this lies the simple fact that I am ravenously curious about the world and I really love people. I am not sure that I have ever met anyone who I could describe as bad. Confused, perhaps. Misguided, definitely. But I really believe that at the very heart of every person, there is only good. And in this big, big world we live in, with its mountains, monsoons, endless skies and horizons so distant they burn your eyes, tally up how much goodness that must equate to.

I am doing this for the love because that is the only good reason to do anything.

I hope you love it too.

3 comments on “Maybe it was fate…

  1. Yes, I do love it. To travel through the world in your eyes would be a very remarkable journey. PS Want to go to India next year? I have camera, can take photos…

  2. A destined fate for a soul and heart that is pure, kind and an eternal optimist, love to hear more on Peru?

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