Top 10 ‘go there’ movies

on-locationTravel movies represent the blessed union of two of my favourite things in the world; travel and movies. How many times have I watched a film only to spend immeasurable amounts of time fantasising about the place it was set?

Here are the Top 10 movies that have made me want to go there:

1. Out of Africa – Ever since I saw this, I have wanted to go camping on the African plains (I am going this Christmas!).

2. The Boys are Back in Town – It could have something to do with Clive Owen (admittedly, I would follow him anywhere) but this film made me want to run away to the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.

3. Chocolat – Small French village, Johnny Depp and a mountain of chocolate … hello France!

4. Wolf Creek – Kidding.

5. Volver – I am planning to go to Spain next year, largely because I imagine that I will suddenly turn into Penelope Cruz when I get there and develop the courage to lisp correctly when I say’ Barcelona’ and ‘Gracias’.

6. Lord of the Rings – Tourism New Zealand’s best campaign to date.

7. Blue Hawaii – I haven’t entirely given up on the concept of a bridal raft, hula flower girls and toasting with Tiki Mugs. I just have to convince my fiance.

8. Amelie – I will never stop hoping that someone will make an ‘Ou et quand?’ poster for me in Paris.

9. Northern Exposure – OK, so it’s not a movie and Sicily, Alaska is not a real town but I still want to go there and witness the Aurora Borealis, dream everyone else’s dreams and have a pregnant Shelley bring me a beer.

10. Mama Mia – Greek Island paradise combined with an Abba musical. Does life get any better than this? I just wonder how many people go there with white jumpsuits stashed in their luggage because of this film.

What movies have inspired you to go somewhere? Alternatively, has a film ever scared you off a place?

2 comments on “Top 10 ‘go there’ movies

  1. At the risk of sounding tragic, Interview with a Vampire (as well as the book A Confederacy of Dunces, which I love) made me want to check out the French Quarter of New Orleans. I didn’t see any vampires when I went there (although I did meet a drunken trucker who wanted to kill me in a dive bar) but there is a statue of the main character of Confederacy standing on Canal Street.

    I love that town.

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