Thai Airways are my homies

Thai_AirwaysI am not a fussy traveller. As a kid, I spent many long, hot hours crammed in the backseat of a sweltering Holden stationwagon with two other bigger, stronger kids. Needless to say, I was the thumpee, not the thumper when tensions arose.

I am also the daughter of an aircraft engineer so I have spent many happy hours loitering in the hangar at Dad’s work, annoying people, looking around in planes, annoying people … that sort of thing. I have grown up with an affinity for aircraft that borders on obsession. I love them. I love the little TV screens. I love the airline meals. I love taking off and landing. Don’t even get me started on in-flight entertainment.

When the team at Thai Airways asked me to write up a trip to Thailand and Vietnam for their Royal Orchid Club blog earlier this year, I thought I was hallucinating. Me? You want me to go and be a VIP?

Ummm, OK then …

And for this privilege I will always be truly grateful. Thai Airways are great. The flight attendants are pretty (unlike another unnamed airline that starts with ‘Q’), the food is dericious, the in-flight entertainment is top notch and the crew are pleasant to you at the beginning and the end of the flight.

The thing I loved most about them, however, was how they reacted when Cheryl and I nearly missed our return flight to Australia.

I am an airhead at the best of times but in this instance, I really outdid myself. We arrived at the airport at 5am. We shopped. We ate breakfast. We hmphed around impatiently until 7.57am when we thought, ‘We’d better go to the gate’.

Guess what? The flight DEPARTED at 8am.

Much unpleasant running ensued. When we finally reached the gate, some strained looking people were ushering us through and here’s the thing … they were smiling.

Only on Thai Airways

5 comments on “Thai Airways are my homies

  1. Love it! This is a recommendation of the highest order because it is often so easy to bag an airline for so so many reasons. I recently flew interstate with an airline with the letters J and S at crucial points in its name, and had pretty much the experience most foul, revolting experience that I have come to expect from them. Now I know this though, overseas flights, Thai Airways it is………………..

  2. Good to read something positive about a flying experience. I also love flying the Thai way! The staff is great and it’s nice to get a few smiles when the time is stretching out and you are feeling less than friendly and fresh.

  3. i always fly thai air wherever possible- in 20+ years of travelling (in economy) with them I have found them to be courteous, comfortable and efficient – the food is edible and in flight entertainment is good. my only gripe is when will airlines offer herbal or green tea in economy? or have they already been a year since i have travelled os!

  4. I am so with you on that! Your poor body is under enough stress without throwing loads of caffeine into the mix. I am a huge herbal tea fan… even if they just offered peppermint and chamomile, that would make such a difference!

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