World’s worst travel photos

worlds-worst-travel-photosThere was a funny story that ran on yesterday about an Indian man named Kashi Sammadar who has allegedly taken the worst travel photos ever. To see the full story, please visit

What struck me about this story was not that Mr Sammadar’s photos were crap (and believe me, they were). What deeply appealed to me was the fact that this man had decided to travel the whole world, spending $700, 000 in the process. At 55, he has been to 216 countries, including East  Timor and Afghanistan.

Admittedly, he decided to do this because of a grudge against South African immigration officers, but what an ambitious plan. No mortgage is ever going to offer you that kind of adventure or insight.

Perhaps Mr Sammadar’s photos were so bad because he was busy having fun. Just a thought …

3 comments on “World’s worst travel photos

  1. That’s one determined grudge… take THAT, SA immigration officers!

    I think it’s cute that he took crap/boring photos. But I want to know how the papers picked up the story… did he send out a press release saying “I’ve taken the world’s worst travel pics”?

  2. I know! Surely they can’t be the worst! They appear to be a) in focus, b) centred, and c) straight. They should check out my photos if they want to see something truly crap!

  3. Maybe he just notices different things?
    One man’s trash is another’s treasure.
    Everyone who’s been to London has a pic of Big Ben!!

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