How to become a motivational speaker

I see a lot of motivational speakers in action. What I have realised is this: there’s a formula you can follow if you’re willing to hack off a limb or get lost in the wilderness. Read on for my foolproof guide for turning your bad experiences into cold, hard keynote cash. 1. Come up with an inspirational slogan […]

What work travel is really like

About five years ago, I decided that I wanted to get paid to travel. I didn’t care how I did it. I just wanted to do it. Today, I am a business travel and events editor so hey, the plan worked. This means I go to lots of conferences and on work trips called ‘famils’ […]

Dear Aunty Em

‘I met a guy at a large gig.We had fun dancing together and hanging out. Later into the night, we went our separate ways to hang out with our friends, thinking we would run into each other again but it didn’t happen. Now I’ve managed to stalk this guy down through social media even though […]

Just don’t do it

Last night was midwinter solstice, the longest night of the year. I made soup, watched TV and did my washing which was exactly what I needed to do. I say ‘needed’ because I have been so tired lately. I never listen to my body. Instead, I add caffeine, alcohol, cold and flu meds, vitamins and […]

Hilarious account of a Turkish hamam experience

My friend Dusha recently visited a traditional Turkish bathhouse. Here is his account of what happened, reproduced with his permission. Hamam – Turkish Bathhouse. Let me take you through the steps. Step 1 – Pick your style. We picked traditional which includes a body scrub, wash, 30 minute oil massage, and unlimited time in the […]

Dear Aunty Em

‘Why is it always the guys you don’t want to hear from that send you cute texts and the ones you hope to hear from, you hear crickets/nothing!?’ – Silent Witness Dear Silent Witness, Could The Secret really be wrong? Is it possible that focusing our attention on something doesn’t attract it? As someone who has […]

10 things I hate

1. Food festivals. I hate them. I want a whole meal on a real plate; not one tiny, lukewarm, sub-standard portion that I’ve had to wait in line for. 2. The words ‘whilst’, ‘utilise’ and ‘vehicle’. While, use and car are all perfectly fine words. Stop gold leafing the ordinary. 3. Spitting. That hacking, coughing, emphysemic golly-hocking thing […]

Late bloomers

There’s this idea that coming to success later in life is a small failure in itself. After all, what have you been doing if not succeeding? Society focuses a lot of attention on young people who have achieved staggering success. In the past, this has made me feel slightly bad about myself. I wonder, ‘Have […]