Grow where you want

Adults are crazy. We, adult humans, spend the first 25 – 35 years of our lives getting an education, building a career and racking up credit card debt only to find ourselves in a place we don’t want to be. Guess what? YOU CAN MOVE. You can change jobs, you can move house, you can change […]

5 reasons sharing rules

Shared houses are generally much cheaper than renting your own place. Here are some reasons why shared living is perfect for students. 1. All-inclusive If you have been lucky enough to secure a spot on campus or in dedicated student accommodation, all-inclusive living makes it easy to stay on top of your budget. Many places offer […]

SheGoes is turning 6

If SheGoes was a child, she would be going on a sugar-fuelled rampage in an Elsa costume right now. God help us all. I started this blog because I wanted to have a voice. Not a client voice. Not a news voice. A ‘me’ voice. A place where I could talk about whatever I want. […]

Today is important

September 10 is Suicide Prevention Day. Did you know that suicide is the number one killer of people under 44 in Australia? For all the Movembers and pink ribbons and road safety awareness campaigns, the thing you should fear the most? Yourself. A woman jogged past me in the park the other day and I heard a […]

Blessed be the creators

I love artists. I love how they share their perspective through their chosen craft. Art is the icing on the cake. The added spice. The splash of colour. How many days have been improved by the right song, a resonant combination of words, or an image that makes the impossible real? I love art’s deep […]

Luxe up your life

Luxury is such a weird thing. We’re meant to aspire to it and, in doing so, peddle hard on the consumer hamster wheel. And it is lovely. I’m not going to lie. I have eaten in some pretty fancy restaurants, stayed in five star resorts and been flown places in business class. But too much luxury can make you […]

Back to the beginning

Finding yourself back at the beginning can feel like failure but here’s the thing: it’s not. A woman I heard speak recently described life as a series of ladders. You climb one, get to the top, look around and then realise, ‘This is not for me’. Then you climb back down and head over to […]

I have a confession

I am a little bit addicted to buying things online. I got tipsy and bought two saris the other night. The thought process went like this: I have to go to an awards function I need to find something to wear Let me just look online There is nothing in my size Argh. I am […]

Stuff my therapist taught me

A few years back, I went to therapy. It was expensive but is was also one of the best investments I have ever made. I’ve always associated therapy with neurotic Woody Allen types but my therapist (technically an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner) was a poised and elegant English lady named Margaret. She taught me three important lessons; […]

Find your people

The power of special interest groups really hit home on the weekend when I was in the Hunter Valley with my book club. We – a group of five – were talking about the various clubs you can be a member of; Upholstery Club, Taxidermy Club, a Skipakke (Belgian Barge Dog) Facebook group. There is […]