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Hotel Review: Skye Suites Sydney

Somewhere in the bushes outside Room 908, there’s a small yellow monster truck. I like to imagine that some other kid will find it and be delighted. After all, delight is what Skye Suites Sydney is all about.

There is something about a short reprieve from the chaos of your own home that sets somethings straight in your mind, like letting out a long held sigh.

A break from Diplo-scattered floors and yoghurt smeared screens helps something inside you shift back to the person you used to be, before your work wardrobe involved elasticised waistbands and it became second nature to sniff your kid’s butt.

Skye Suites is just the sort of place where it feels wholly right to sip Champagne out of one of the elegant glasses in your room, slather yourself in Kevin Murphy products that smell like a day spa and nibble on giant raspberries left as a welcome gift.

The Skye Suites VIP welcome wagon. And yes, those are little bottles of Negroni

Sure, your kid is going to climb all over everything, demand soft drinks and play cars, but amidst all that space and Japanese design, it feels way less hectic than in the cluttered lounge room at home.

The rooms: The fact that Skye Suites Sydney are serviced apartments mean that you have conveniences like a microwave to warm up bottles, a full-sized fridge and a washing machine and dryer to sort out any major spaghetti incidents.

The second bedroom had a wall-mounted flatscreen Smart TV that meant Joey could watch ABC Kids while The Spark watched Race 5 at Flemington in the other room.

And if all else fails in the entertainment stakes, there’s a pool and a jacuzzi adjacent to the lobby for guaranteed kid happiness.

With a Vittoria coffee pod machine, as well as toaster, kettle and FULL SELECTION OF TEAS (Peppermint! Earl Grey! Lemon and Ginger!) you can have a perfect short black or cup of your favourite tea whenever you please.

The suites have generous outdoor spaces that are fully enclosed and therefore safe (under supervision) for little people to play in. Ours even had a hedge and a little garden that was a welcome dose of green in the urban jungle.

F&B: Skye Suites doesn’t have its own dedicated F&B because it has several restaurants and cafes downstairs in the building. We chose to hit the neighbourhood cafes for breakfast.

On the left, I give you Ministry of Coffee, downstairs from Skye Suites, and on the right, Wild Sage, located at Barangaroo a five minute walk away.

The French Toast and Poached Eggs challenge

And the winner is … Ministry of Coffee! This cafe has a Turkish chef who adds authentic Turkish ingredients like sucuk (sausage), shanklish (cheese) and Turkish chilli that bring a vibrancy and exoticism to these simple dishes.

In the evenings, we took the lazy option and ordered Uber Eats but if you feel like going out, you are kissing-close to Erskine Street’s tiny bars, Barangaroo’s upscale fare and Chinatown’s Asian glories.

The location:Skye Suites Sydney is located at 300 Kent St and is easy walking distance to Darling Harbour, King Street Wharf, Circular Quay and The Rocks. We walked to The Australian National Maritime Museum with minimal whinging from our toddler.

Public transport: Skye Suites Sydney is within a block’s walk of Wynyard Station and close to King St wharf ferries.

The verdict: Despite it’s incredibly stylish appearance, Skye Suites Sydney is a little bit like a CEO who has a handbag full of Hot Wheels. The staff love kids. From the receptionist who greeted Joey with a Chupa Chup, to the kid’s colouring-pack that was left in our room, the Skye Suites team go out of their way to make children feel welcome, a fact that not only evokes gratitude but immense relief.

And for the parents? This hotel gives you a little bit of your old life back; the pre-kids life with fluffy robes and swish Italian cocktails.

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