Travel Tales: Andrea Black

Name: Andrea Black

Occupation: Writer

Favourite travel destination?: New York

Worst travel experience?: Sitting next to an enormous cage fighter on a 14-hour flight, he’’d taken some sleeping tablets and kept twitching and in the process, hitting me.

Best meal you’’ve ever had while travelling?: Chilli crabs in Singapore, hairy crabs in Shanghai, anything with dulce de leche in Buenos Aires.

Best/scariest/funniest drive?: Scariest was going down a cliff face in a bus on the island of Patmos in Greece last year, each gravelly turn could have been our last.

Where is the best/weirdest/worst place you’’ve ever stayed?: I slept with a ghost in the old worker’s quarters of a hotel in New Orleans once, I lasted one night only.

What has been the big ‘‘wow’’ moment of your travelling life?: Watching friends get married at Sun Studios (where Elvis recorded) in Memphis was pretty cool, and I can never get enough of Joshua Tree and Palm Springs. Oh and visiting Myanmar (Burma) was a highlight.

What is your number one travel tip?: For the long-haul; leggings, slip-on flats and Xanax.

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