Travel Tales: Krissie Rogers, Pearls of Style

Krissie Rogers

Name: Krissie Rogers

Age: 26

Current job?: Blogger @ Pearls of Style and freelance writer

Where are you now?: Melbourne

Favourite travel destination?: Greece. The beaches, the people, the food, the culture. It’s an all-round dream.

Best meal ever while travelling?: I don’t think I can go past the €4 gyros I had in Mykonos. Fresh pita, hot chips, grilled chicken. It’s what summer dreams are made of.

One drink people should avoid at all costs?: Rakijas. It’s a Croatian liquor I’d rather forget.

Best kiss?: In the rain, beneath Harrods’ twinkling lights. Clichéd but true!

Funniest drive?: Along the Croatian coast from Split to Dubrovnik. It takes roughly four hours and my mum was with me. She’s terrified of heights and it just so happens the coastal road is on a cliff edge. The entire way.

Worst place you’ve stayed?: In a 14-person hostel room in Bruges. Bruges was amazing, the girl in the bunk next to me crunching through an entire packet of chips at 2am wasn’t…

Biggest ‘wow’ moment in your travelling life?: I couldn’t possibly pick one. Every viewpoint, every airplane landing, every new meal, every new acquaintance, every city wandering … I remember them all.

Number one travel tip?: Do a walking tour. When you arrive somewhere new, it’s normal to have a sense of ‘gosh, what first?’ That’s why I always try and do a walking tour on the first day. That way you can chat to someone who knows the city, learn some history and get the lay of the land.

How important is learning the local language?: Important! But don’t worry – you don’t need to be a master of ten languages. Before I travel somewhere I just try to master the basics – hello, thank you, do you speak English, I’ll have a cocktail please.

One thing you’d never leave home without?: My phone (and a sense of adventure!).

Next destination?: Portugal.

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