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Travel Tales: Lisa Joseph

Name: Lisa Joseph

Age: 45

Occupation: I’m the owner and buyer at Me Too Please, a home and gift ware emporium specialising in beautiful, ethically produced goods. We’re also the exclusive Australian distributors of Mexican Oilcloth. You’ll find us in Annandale, Sydney and online.

Favourite travel destination? Anywhere … anywhere … anywhere … and Mexico!

Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling?: On my last trip to Mexico we went horse-riding through remote countryside and vast cactus fields.  At the end of our trip our host invited us into his ranch kitchen for lunch.  His family had been living on this ranch for over 200 years.  There was no running water or electricity, the food was all cooked on a wood stove, the tops of the walls and ceiling of the kitchen were blackened by smoke.  We were treated to home cooked enchiladas.  Everything we ate had been grown and prepared on the farm; the beans and vegies, the corn in the tortillas was grown and milled there by hand, the fresh white cheese came from their cattle.  Everything except the salt and pepper.  It was incredibly generous and a true farm to table experience!

Best kiss?: I’m a sucker for romance –  it was in Venice in a gondola under the Bridge of Sighs at sunset – corny but true!

Best/scariest/funniest drive?: My then boyfriend – now husband – Ben and I took a three month road trip around Europe in an old MG.  That whole trip was amazing, we laughed and sang the whole way.  Except for one notable morning,  I was suffering a horrible hangover after a little too much indulgence in a Munich Beer Hall, was curled up in the car feeling like death and unable to navigate out of Munich.  Ben got completely lost and we ended up stumbling into a small German village where the local men, dressed in lederhosen, were erecting an enormous May Pole (it was the first of May – who knew!).  No tourists in sight, and as it turns out – great cure for a hangover.

Where is the best/weirdest/worst place you’ve ever stayed?: Scariest place I’ve ever stayed we christened ‘The Horror Hostel’ in Germany. Set deep in the woods, a converted boarding school, dark wood paneled corridors – empty halls and a strong sense of foreboding (turn around and leave now – while you still can!). The perfect location for a horror film, complete with creepy axe-dragging caretaker (I’m not kidding).

What has been the big ‘wow’ moment of your travelling life?: The first time I flew to England. I had been saving and planning for so long, and then in one day, we were there!  We are so incredibly lucky, international travel is so easy and accessible – the other side of the word is only one day away.  WOW.

What is your number one travel tip?: Be prepared to take advantage of unexpected opportunities but always trust your gut instinct.

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  1. I’m longing to go to Mexico… guess for the time being I just need to be grateful for the great influx of Mexican food here- a little bit of compensation 🙂

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