Cruiseabout competition

Win a $15,000 cruise

I am the kind of person who will enter a competition to win a packet of Weetbix. That’s how loose I am with giving out my email address. I’m gluten intolerant.

Cruiseabout competition
Vodka Cruiser? Land Cruiser? The kind of person who cruises through shopping centres with the aplomb of Margaret Thatcher?

Needless to say, I suffer from terrible seasickness and yet I entered this competition because, hey, my desire to be popular trumps my need to eat meals on holidays. If I win, you can come with me and hold my hair back. LUCKY YOU.

So enter, me hearties. Win a Cruiseabout cruise by taking this here quiz.

1 comment on “Win a $15,000 cruise

  1. Lucky you don’t have too much hair these days!

    If I win I’ll take you too. It would be fun! I’ve also suffered (greatly) from sea sickness. Gah.

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