Blogger love: Blogs that rock my world

blogger-love-blogs-that-rock-my-worldWhen I first heard about blogs way back in 2000 and something-or-other, I thought ‘yeah, WHATEVER’.

This from a girl whose greatest career ambition in high school was to be a flair bartender.

Clearly, I am not a) very bright, b) an early adopter, or c) in any way psychic.

Blogs rock my world. In fact, (and I am about to over share a bit more right now), I am obsessed with certain blogs to the point of borderline superstition. I realise this is a) not travel-related but I thought b) you might like it anyway.

Here are my all-time favourite blogs for your Thursday morning reading pleasure. Bludge away, dear friends…

Postsecret. com

This started out as a public art project where people were asked to make a postcard with their deepest, darkest secrets and send them off to PostSecret HQ. This has evolved into the most extraordinary outpouring of human neuroses, humour and raw emotion. This blog is updated weekly and I guarantee it will make you a) cry at least once, b) paranoid that a secret is about you at least once, and c) think you know who made one of the ‘secrets’.

A guy named Zolton started this … need I say more? The man has a super-hero name and a super-hero approach to inspiring creativity. Music, illustration, design, general weirdness – you name it – Lostatenimor is digging up the coolest cultural gems and writing sparkly posts about them. Shepherd Fairey writes for them. Seriously. How cool is that?

Whilst I admit that I adore NotQuiteNigella, the glorious woman behind this blog, I am still very much enamoured of her content. Despite the fact that my idea of a good time in the kitchen involves a bottle opener, it’s the way that NQN introduces her stories that hooks me in every time. She begins with an anecdote; often funny, sometimes whimsical and always laden with insights about the human condition. It’s a little bit like therapy, but with crazy/beautiful cakes, recipes, travel stories and restaurant reviews.

The best horoscopes on the ‘net, hands down. Straight-talking Barry lays the smack down on the week ahead in no uncertain terms. Heed his words, people (or ignore them at your peril … it’s up to you).

Yes, I work in Communications. Yes, I am supposed to stay on top of marketing trends. No, I don’t have to enjoy it. I love Seth Godin because he makes something that could be very dry and boring philosophical, inspiring and highly educational. He is an anarchist and that turns me on, even if he is bald and fifty. Example: For his birthday this year, he used his blog to promote an organisation called Charity:Water. He asked all of his disciples aka readers to donate money to them instead of sending him a bunch of crap. I donated $50. The system works.

This blog is what happens when people with English Literature PHD’s can’t get a job. The writing on this site is razor sharp, hilarious and thoroughly entertaining. They have turned bitching about wardrobe faux pas into an art form.

6 comments on “Blogger love: Blogs that rock my world

  1. I have to add my fav two blog sites.

    For all the designers out there or anyone creative, this is fantastic for all those wonderful client comments that make you want to hurl your computer at them.

    Also for the lovers of the work of David Thorne (who tried to pay an electricity bill with a drawing of a spider fame) his actual site contains some very funny reading.

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