Stuck in Customs

One of my number one favourite redheads sent me a link to this blog to cheer me up (I am having a craptacular week).

Check out Stuck in Customs for an escape into a world of exceptional photography.

Here’s a relevant quote that I like: ‘Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.’ Ansel Adams

And he was a full-time photographer!

Have you taken a surprising photo lately? Care to share? I would love to start publishing your favourite travel pics so if you’re up for it, please send them through to emma(at)shegoes(dot)com(dot)au

1 comment on “Stuck in Customs

  1. I’ll share the blogger love!

    Great quote! My friend has just joined Twitter and she’s a photographer so I’ll def be shooting this on over to her x

    (hope you feel better petal)

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