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  1. Every year there is an Oktoberfest in Tempe, which pretty much means that they erect this massive tent and sell you beer. I like that one. As someone who dislikes crowds, I don’t go for festivals much. The Newtown festival is OK. But too many people. Music festivals are also OK but I am getting too old.

  2. I have been lucky enough to turn up at the right time to enjoy festivals in other countries but I still ove Woodford too. It’s so comforting, friendly, suites all ages and I have been introduced to amazing talent – luv ya Woody!

  3. I hear you Bev! I always think that Woodford represents how I would like the world to be all year ’round – colourful, creative, open-hearted and accepting!

  4. I love playground weekender. It’s a festival for people who don’t like the crowds of festivals. I know it sounds old but I quite like relaxing on grass listening to a band. Call me crazy for not liking a mosh pit with 20 year olds on pills. Its also a beautiful site on the river. That said – this was two years ago – everyone likes this fest now so it will probably be ruined for this year. Do I sound bitter? Hmmm I wonder why..

  5. I really enjoyed the Peats Ridge Festival over new years. It’s really chilled and there is a real community vibe happening. Plenty of good bands and some pretty bad ones you have to check out. Hopefully we can get the posse together again for another one.

  6. Many years ago (in 1970) while backpacking across India, I found myself in Puri during Holi. I didn’t plan it, it just happened. Holi was celebrated there and then with joy and dye-filled water balloons. There were a lot of people that day with wet and colored clothes. It was quite a lot of fun, but I don’t know if I’d find it as enjoyable today as I did then!

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